NOA NOTES to Make Daily Moments More Pleasurable

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The story has started with a passion.
A passion to help people to discover their inner treasure,
A motivation to become part of their CREATIVITY,
and make their daily moments more pleasurable.

Stationery designs were the greatest tools
that could be a reflection of inspiring stories. 

We have started with the idea of
designing the best notebooks not only with their inspirations
and stories but also with their designs. 

Each notebook is completed with its friends;
the crafted bookmarkers has become the markers of your stories.
the gift cards to give as a gift to others,
since we always believe that inspirations are more meaningful when you share. 

NOA NOTES is a brand of NOA AGENCY.
It’s a collective project that aims to spread the power of inspirations.
It’s a philosophy.
It’s a lifestyle that makes you much more productive.
It’s a studio for creative gifts.
It’s an extraordinary brand inspired by, YOU.
Thanks to the supports of NOA AGENCY team, the idea has turned into an actual brand.   

We have launched the brand with 34 different notebook sets.
Every single of them carries an authentic story linked with its design.
We worked thoroughly on the quality and the story
to give you a joyful playground
to create more and
to make your gifts much more meaningful than ever. 

Nowadays we are dreaming
to spread the philosophy via NOA NOTES to the world.

Being together with you
line by line in your mind,
being the reflection of self explanation and expressions
in every special moment of you,
even when we are very far from you.

I hope you become a part of US!  


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